SoundSpot Velo Limiter

Windows / Mac
SoundSpot Velo Limiter

The final plugin to hit your mix will almost always be a limiter, and using the right limiter for the job is crucial to getting the impact your music deserves. The Velo is a brickwall limiter for maximizing loudness, that features different options to influence coloration and transient preservation. As Velo’s adaptive release makes the plug-in react quickly to the incoming signal, it a well-suited limiter for mastering any style of rhythmical music with pronounced transients, and for bus-processing beats, drums and rhythmical bass, guitar and synth parts.


+ Intuitive, easy to navigate user interface.
+ Designed to work flawlessly with touch controllers such as the Raven by Slate Media.
+ Real-time waveform zoom.
+ Adaptive release control.
+ 4 Style Settings.
+ Transient Control.
+ Real-time RMS display.
+ Real-time Reduction display.
+ Preset Manager to save & share your settings.

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