Soundemote Mushroom Generator

Windows / Mac
Soundemote Mushroom Generator

Generates mushroom shapes that move and dance just like in real life. Excels at rich chordal and organ-style sounds

Fully wireless modular design featuring "anything-to-anything" modulation including self modulation and feedback modulation.

•LFOs and ADSRs may simultaneously modulate themselves while modulating others while being used as an audio source.
•150 factory presets including growling basses, expressive leads, chaotic sound fx, rhythms, arpeggios, and hard-hitting percussion.
•Analog-inspired design which means everything runs at audio rate. This allows ADSRs to be snappy enough for percussion.
•Master Rate control changes the speed of all LFOs and synth where the synth can be set to zero speed or reverse.
•Abuse the Rotation parameter with feedback modulation to create interesting and evolving stereophonic sound.

•6 Analog-style loopable ADSRs that will become unstable as attack and decay times are set to near instant. Feature S-curve / Lin / Log / Exp shapes selectable for each envelope stage.
•2 Breakpoint Modulators, tempo-syncable, featuring many curve shapes.
•8 LFOs, tempo-syncable, with dedicated ADSRs and HP/LP filters, with various "Random" modes.
•Fully assignable midi sources.
•Fully automatable with host automation.
•Selectable reset options on everything, so you can keep the attack consistent and snappy for percussion or smooth for legato.
•Selectable oversampling up to 8x.
•Selectable soft or hard clipping on the output.
•Selectable stereo/mono modes.

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