Soundemote Spiral Generator 2

Windows / Mac
Soundemote Spiral Generator 2

A perfect compliment to PrettyScope. Generates fractal spirals that makes all kinds of bassy, throaty, vocal sound as well as insane bubbly, grinding, and alien sfx.


- Features Jerobeam Fenderson's very own algorithm which generates a fractal spiral.
- Infinitely rotatable by modulating the "RotY" and "RotX" parameters.
- Infinitely zoomable by modulating the "Morph" parameter
- Use the "Z Amount" parameter to engage chaotic feedback, great for sound design and fx.
- All parameters automatable.
- Creates some mean vocal basses.
- 6 assignable LFOs
- 5 Velocity-sensitive ADSRs (hard-wired for now)
- 7 assignable midi sources: pitch, mod, pressure, velocity, keytrack
- Selectable oversampling from 1x to 8x
- Soft-clipper at the output will saturate the signal as you increase the output gain.

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