FXpansion Strobe

FXpansion Strobe

Strobe2 is a software polysynth which puts diverse new sounds effortlessly within your reach. It builds on the original's realistic analogue modelling and deep but intuitive synthesis with a slew of enhancements and requested features. Highlights include a stunning effects section, revamped arpeggiator, deeper modulation processing, preset-morphing, randomizing and a scalable vector interface for retina and 4K displays.


•Analogue-modelled performance synth
•Multi-waveform osc with sub osc and noise
•Hard-sync, osc stack/detune, phase-reset
•Multimode filter with 22 modes and drive
•Saturating OTA-modelled VCA
•Powerful LFO with clock-divided 'sub LFO'
•Intuitive TransMod modulation
•New Euclid & Curve modulation processors
•6 effects blocks with over 25 processors
•Arpeggiator with modulation-sequencer
•Preset morphing and randomizing
•Scalable vector interface for retina/4K
•Over 900 inspirational presets
•VST, AU, AAX64 and RTAS formats for Mac & Windows

Strobe v2.3.6.3

Bugs fixed:

[] Crash when logging in to My ROLI account
[] Demo mode text is truncated in menu bar
[] Line running through titles in Easy mode with Light & Modern themes
[] Transparency makes it difficult to navigate login screen
[] Email address is not confined to box
[] Password asterisks are invisible
[] 'Problems logging in?' button does nothing
[] Crash when enabling CC Learn in Player
[] Preset is not recalled in DAW project
[] CC Learn highlighting overlaps Preset Save window
[] Saving a preset logs you out of Strobe2
[] Crash when saving preferences
[] Switching from Easy to Edit view draws grey outline
[] Not possible to log in to My ROLI
[] Duplicate presets when upgrading from Player to Full
[] Audio dropout when applying LFO to Detune param
[] Selecting preset in top menu bar highlights it but does nothing
[] 'Upgrade to full version' logs you out immediately
[] Preset names too small in Modern Theme
[] Params do not turn green when CC Learn is enabled
[] Crash in Cubase 9 when clicking Edit...
[] 'Log in to my ROLI account' opens License Manager
[] Duplicate Save and CC Learn buttons
[] Changing Oversampling size affects reverb tail length

Known issues:

[] 'Purchase Strobe2' links to Strobe2 page rather than discounted link or info on upgrading
[] Double-click required to enter details in My ROLI login fields
[] Return key must be pressed to confirm each field when saving preset
[] X and Y CCs are drawn on top of each other
[] Uninstaller appears to hang yet uninstalls successfully
[] Easy/Edit state is not recalled when saving preferences
[] Clicking artefacts heard when PlSlideCurve applied to SubOsc Shape

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