Bogren Digital AmpKnob Trivium Rhythm

Bogren Digital AmpKnob Trivium Rhythm

This rhythm guitar monster offers a broad range of terrific tones and yet maintains a straightforward interface.

The amp has been crafted with Matt and Corey's ultra-precise riffing in mind and provides an extremely tight low end that never muddies up those fast chugs.

Green Boost gives you a sparkly clean tone that can be pushed into a wonderful edge-of-breakup sound. This mode also features a beautiful, lush reverb.
Orange Boost starts at crunch but can deliver a unique flavor of huge distortion with the gain turned up.
Red Boost breathes fire, with an uncompromising high-octane tone with a ton of clarity for ultra-fast picking.

The rhythm amp comes with two, perfectly matched cabinets captured at Fascination Street Studios: Modern, and Vintage.

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