ToneLib MultiComp

ToneLib MultiComp

The Only Compressor You Will Ever Need
TL MultiComp is a high-quality compressor plugin that provides the best techniques and methods of audio processing. Whatever compression tool you need, TL MultiComp surely have it on board.

Featuring Mid/Side, Parallel and Stereo compression, Side Chaining with additional multiband EQ filtering, advanced Knee controls and a lot more, this ultimate compressor plugin can handle virtually any task, whether mastering or mixing.

Combining two compressor units, it enables both fast and easy signal processing based on automatic algorithms and a single control knob, as well as precise and accurate tuning for more complex tasks.

Flexible visual interface with multiple display modes allows you to fully monitor audio signal dynamics, while straightforward, realistic controls enable you to get started without any confusion or hassle.

from nfo:

64-bit: (VST2, VST3, SAL)

1. Install ToneLib-MultiComp-Setup.exe

2. REPLACE with the patched files.
(There is a separate .dll file for the SAL (Standalone)).

3. Move or copy "TL_MultiComp.reginfo" file to C:UsersYOURNAMEAppDataRoamingTonelib
If you don't have a 'Tonelib' folder in Roaming folder, create it, and drop
the .reginfo file inside.

4. Now you can use the app, fully registered!


You can edit the .reginfo file, in notepad or similar, with your own, fake or real, info.

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