Kiive and Audioscape Golden 58

Kiive and Audioscape Golden 58

AudioScape is pleased to announce the newest addition to their ever-expanding universe of vintage tone plugins, the Golden 58 Tube Preamplifier Plugin. The Golden 58 Plugin is a digital version of the acclaimed Golden 58 Stereo Tube Preamp. The limited-edition Golden 58 was a six-tube, four-NOS-transformer deep dive into big-tone, reminiscent of late 1950's tube tech. AudioScape has now teamed up with Canadian plug-in developer Kiive Audio to re-create this modern tone-monster in the digital realm.

The Golden 58 Tube Preamplifier Plugin is a Modern Classic!

The original circuit was developed by Chris Yetter and his team at AudioScape.

Chris says: ”The circuit is all original, based around the 5879 tube (hence the name Golden 58), which is the US military equivalent of the EF86 tube used in famous British preamps. In fact, we feel it is very much the American Answer to those Classic preamps from across the pond, the Tele V series and 47 style preamps, with a few tasteful upgrades to bring it from yesteryear into the modern age. With the handy voice filters and separate Line Input jacks, this simple, yet elegant, preamp can cover a lot of ground.”

The hardware version of the Golden 58 was always fated to be a limited run. Using parts like four NOS transformers per unit, and hard to source 5879 tubes ensured that. But, the radiant warmth and saturation of the original is now available again with the Golden 58 Plugin. Some new enhancements have been added to the plugin like an Auto-Gain control for more consistent output levels following the Saturation/ Harmonics stage, and Output Trims, which give the user even more saturation options.


6 Premium, NOS Tubes-NOS Philips/GE 5879's and GE/JAN 12au7's

Exclusive NOS Input Transformers (4 of them per unit). Completely flat from 20hz-50khz, perfect pairing with this high character tube design

HUGE, Chunky Cornell Dubilier (CDE) and Wima Polypropylene Capacitors

Vishay-Sprague higher wattage Resistors throughout

Phantom, Polarity and Line/Mic switches

+56dB Gain per Channel (+/- 1db)

Voice switch provides the perfect Voice filter for vocal tracking (Single pole Butterworth filter with 3db dip around 40hz crossover point)

Alpha potentiometers and Carling Switches

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