Kiive and Audioscape XL305R

Kiive and Audioscape XL305R

The XL-305R has its roots in the all analog XL-305 Spring Reverb from the 1980's. It's been a Secret Weapon reverb over the years that has gained cult-like status. Unlike many spring reverbs, this Spring Assembly has 12 springs tuned together making it equally tempered, very similar to opening the lid of a piano, holding the damper open and singing into the strings . Working out from this core idea, we re-imagined the rest of the design from the ground up, from the electronics and spring decay times, to modern workflow and aesthetic improvements. With the direction of Wayne Kirkwood(XL-305 Original Designer) and 4 years of R & D, we were able to bring this GROUNDBREAKING design from the last century into the modern century. Simply put, we are incredibly proud to bring this to market.

The perfect balance of simplicity and flexibility round out the options of this verb. Here's a feature rundown from left to right:


2U, with an International external power supply for best noise specification

Input controls drive the signal to the tank, they have signal overload LEDs next to them to show when the signal is too hot going to the assembly.

Mix controls blends the dry signal with the wet signal.

4 band Center De-tent EQ controls per channel, for a multitude of tone shaping the wet signal.

Parallel/Wet toggle switches. Extremely handy to either have a full wet signal or parallel blend. With the parallel switches engaged and the mix controls maxed out the unit is operating at 50% wet signal.

Mono Drive Lighted Push-button Switch stereo links the channels together ,and makes it easier to bring the stereo image together

Mono Return Lighted Push-button Switch sends the signal from the Reverb assembly out, summed to mono

LED indicators on the right side of the unit allow the user to monitor the total output level of the Reverb itself

Includes Serial

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