Audio Assault dB5dB5 RETAiL

Audio Assault dB5dB5 RETAiL

Head Crusher Saturator

Head Crusher is a saturator that gives you the flavor of 5 popular analog circuits pushed to their limits.

The resulting saturation takes the user from subtle shaping to sonic oblivion,
and everywhere in between.

Head Crusher can add warmth, dimensionality, texture, and intensity!

RM-2 Channel Emulator

Audio-Assault's RM-2 Analog Channel captures the warmth of an uncelebrated Japanese console, the Panasonic Ramsa WR-S4424.

Praised for its "tape-like" character inherent in its preamps, the Ramsa WR-S4424 is all character.

The RM-2 captures the character of the preamp section, while bringing a modern perspective to the user experience.

With its unique 3 band eq, which is very gentle and difficult to push too far, the RM-2 is perfect for broad tone shaping while warming up sterile digital tracks.

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