Mountainroad DSP Lumina Delay

Mountainroad DSP Lumina Delay

Revolutionizing Delays
Lumina Delay is the world's first fully visual and immersive (7.1.4) delay, breaking free from the limitations of standard delays.

Instead of traditional knobs, Lumina Delay utilizes an intuitive click-and-drag functionality, allowing users to create delay points on a grid and effortlessly adjust parameters.

Featuring volume control, panning (now available in up to 7.1.4), HighPass, and LowPass filters, this plugin offers unmatched versatility.

Perfect for music producers, sound designers, and audio engineers, Lumina Delay has already been used on several notable tracks, including Tyla's “Butterflies”, Eric Nam's “House on a Hill” Deluxe version, and Alec Benjamin's “I Sent My Therapist to Therapy” and “King Size Bed.”

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