Punk Labs OneTrick SIMIAN2

Punk Labs OneTrick SIMIAN2

Crash into the 80s with an open source drum synth inspired by hexagonal classics like the Simmons SDS-V. Thumping kicks, punchy snares, and sizzling cymbals coalesce with its clacky claves and crunchy claps. Bring saccharine synthwave sauce to your sublime soundscapes or drop indelable pewww pewww tom toms into your new nu-disco.

Highly customizable voices with great dynamics, filter sweeps, saturation, and drive that will literally flam your tracks. Toss [OT] SIMIAN into your DAW and just see what happens.


✓ 10 configurable voices
✓ Preset browser with tags and editing
✓ 33 factory preset kits
✓ Multi-out or stereo
✓ Velocity sensitive pitch, filter, and amp dynamics
✓ Lofi EPROM for classic cymbal sounds
✓ Gated Reverb bus
✓ Saturation (per-voice and global)
✓ 1176-style limiter with drive control
✓ Chromatic MIDI Channels
✓ Nondestructive modulation (CLAP only)
✓ All parameters are automatable
✓ No telemetry or analytics
✓ No DRM
✓ Open source to inspect, learn from, adapt, and improve

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