Aurora DSP Banshee Nano

Aurora DSP Banshee Nano

Introducing Banshee Nano
Effective Vocal Chain
Banshee Nano is the first product in our new series of vocal tools.
This simple yet highly effective vocal plugin is designed to be exceptionally CPU-friendly,
making it an indispensable addition to your recording studio.

Key features
De-esser: Effective sibilance reduction.
Two compressors working simultaneously!
Compression and Sibilance Reduction Monitoring.
Choose between classic warmth and modern clarity.
AIR MODE: Enriches high frequencies and adds breath and clarity to your recordings.

Dynamic Compressor
Banshee Nano combines the power of two legendary compressors, FET and OPTO, inspired by the renowned 1176 and LA2A models. With a single Dynamic knob, you can control both compressors simultaneously, achieving professional sound with ease.

Vintage and Modern
Choose between Vintage and Modern modes to get different types of signal saturation post-compression.

Vintage adds the warmth of classic gear, while Modern provides a clear, contemporary tone.

Drive modes
Vintage Drive adds a crispy and more colored sound to your vocals, infusing them with the warmth of classic and vintage gear.

Modern Drive provides a transparent yet nicely overdriven sound, with a heavy bottom and rich low midrange.

Advanced De-esser
The integrated de-esser effectively reduces unwanted sibilance, ensuring a clean and professional sound.

AIR Mode
Enhance your vocals with AIR mode, which enriches high frequencies and adds breath and clarity to your recordings.

Lo-Fi Radio Effect
Add unique character to your vocal tracks with the lo-fi radio effect, introducing interesting distortions and textures.

From nfo:

(64-bit: VST3, AAX)

1. (Install .exe) and replace with patched

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