Acustica Audio Cherry 2023

Acustica Audio Cherry 2023

Ch3rry Equalizer is the first Acustica's mastering 4-band hyper EQ, super performing and super light on CPU, available in VST, VST3, AAX, and AU formats. It is sampled from two notorious mastering EQ devices and its magic lies in the curves and low frequencies, which are highly defined, bringing them closer to the original hardware.

The tasty Extra-Light mastering EQ
Ch3rry Equalizer is the lightest EQ ever created by Acustica, based on two sampled devices and built on the 'Hyper' engine, offering an unprecedented experience that is both ultra-lightweight and supremely powerful. Designed with speed, precision, and performance in mind, CHERRY is poised to redefine the very essence of your audio mastering.

An expression of simplicity and innovation
“Less but better. Back to purity, back to simplicity.” - Dieter Rams

The vision was clear from the start - to craft an equalizer that stood out from the crowd, not just in
terms of sound quality but also in its design and user experience. We wanted CH3RRY Equalizer to be an embodiment of simplicity and elegance, offering you an interface that is visually appealing yet incredibly intuitive to use. In our pursuit of simplicity, we faced challenges that demanded creativity and
ingenuity. We carefully curated each control, ensuring that only the most essential elements were
included, giving you the tools needed, without superfluous options.

Taste it to believe it.
The Ch3rry EQ is the epitome of transparency, providing an incredibly smooth and seamless sound.

Ch3rry's savoir-faire lies in its perfect curves, meticulously crafted with high definition in low frequencies, bringing them closer to the authentic hardware experience. Its low-end definition is second to none, granting your audio signal a new level of depth and clarity with natural warmth and presence.

Key features
The first 'Hyper' mastering EQ
The lightest around, extremely fast
Four equalization modes
Ultra-transparent and smooth
Magical on the low frequencies
Two different GUIs to choose from ('Cherry' and 'Cherry Flat')

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