Wavegrove HCL Varis

Wavegrove HCL Varis

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HCL Varis is a mastering grade all tube point-to-point design vari-mu compressor. It includes feedback and feed forward modes, dual-mono, mid-side and stereo link operation, independent pentode / triode signal chain, a sidechain circuit, Edcor input transformers and Carnhill output transformers.

Varis can be found in numerous studios around the globe and Gena has done amazing upgrades to the first Varis, which was released over a decade ago.

Varis is a modern classic. Or it should be, and we're not the only ones saying this.

Varis is a versatile and extremely flexible unit that easily covers everything you would ever want a compressor to do. Varis is basically four different compressors all packed together for pure tube action – now inside of your DAW.

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