Tac System ONKIO Acoustics

Tac System ONKIO Acoustics

ONKIO Acoustics is a reverb plug-in that perfect reproduces the ONKIO HAUS's acoustics with VSVerb Technology.

ONKIO HAUS is a studio so many great artists have used in Japan. What fascinates them especially is "the acoustic". Now the room reverb has been simulated perfectly with a groundbreaking technology, VSVerb. It will give you a wonderful experience of the ONKIO HAUS's remarkable room reverb.

Key features

VSVerb Technology

VSVerb is a technology of sound field simulation using information of virtual sound sources sampled in a target space. It provides high S/N performance and adjustment to various acoustic parameters.

VSVerb Technology faithfully recreates the studio ambience that is described by a number of legendary musicians in the 2020 documentary ONKIO HAUS Melody-Go-Round. It delivers the acoustics and reverb that make ONKIO HAUS so special. VSVerb is a sound field simulation technology that samples reflection sounds and reproduces the reverb. Unlike conventional impulse response, it samples the spatial distribution of virtual sound sources that make up the refection sounds, producing high-quality reverb that does not generate any unnecessary tonal changes to the original sound.

For Everyone Who Loves Music

ONKIO Acoustics has compatibility with AAX, VST, and AU, so that it can be provided to and used by a wide range of music-loving consumers. Our hope is that ONKIO Acoustics will be useful to everyone who loves music.

Sampling of Two Studios from ONKIO HAUS

A witch says,

* No iLok Driver installation is required to run.

* Our release loads faster and uses less memory than legit version.

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