Ghost Note Audio Infinity Loop

Ghost Note Audio Infinity Loop

This experimental digital reverb was inspired by early 90's digital rack units. Based around a modified Dattorro algorithm, the sound is passed through four distinct delay lines and diffusers, which tie together into an infinite loop, letting the sound slush around and continue to be modified and mangled until the end of time.

We added a handful of "quirky" features, which give it more character;

Up to 12 serial-connected diffusers can delay the sound and create a non-linear reverb tail, which at the extreme settings sounds like it breaks the laws of physics.
Built-in saturation which adds subtle harmonics and overtones, and makes the sound richer.
Grain-based pitch shifters which add an octave above and/or below the source signal, turning an already eeries sounding reverb into a full-blown alien nightmare scenario.
Freeze the circular buffer for a never-ending drone effect.
This plugin is best suited to synthesizing dark, moody soundscapes, perfect for horror and sci-fi inspired soundtracks.

Note: This plugin offers a fully functional evaluation mode. It does not expire, but we ask that you purchase a license if you do continue using the product.

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