Aberrant DSP Lair

Windows / Mac
Aberrant DSP Lair

Decoded from a diskette of unknown origin, Lair is a transporter through when and where, retooled as a reverberation effect. Combining three bespoke reverberator devices with an expansive collection of intricate parameters and chaotic modifiers, Lair is your door to familiar, abominable, and alien worlds.



- Global controls for Mix, overall Reverberation, reverberation Sparsity, and Pre-Delay
- Three bespoke reverberation modes or "Devices," each with two unique modifiers serving as tailored special effects
- Artifact device for dark, diffuse, spring-like reverberant wash
- Volatility randomly alters the reverb time with variable Width
- Tension controls the length of The Artifact's echoes
- Mirror device for metallic, shimmering sounds; a steel plate in purgatory
- Purity distills the reverberations to their most essential tones with adjustable frequency Focus
- Glister mixes in frantic pitched up harmonies
- Rift device for mystical echoes from other planes
- Attunement pulls haunted resonances out from the gulf with control of their harmonic Shade
- Instability dissolves the portal into abyssal entropy
- Drive unit including amount, mix, dry signal drive, and three flavors of distortion
- Modulation system with three waveform options for everything from subtle motion to sea-sick delirium
- Tone Darkness and Lightness with unique behavior per-device
- Stereo Width controls including independent Dry and Wet signal pans
- Dynamic Ducking section including adjustable Release Time
- Custom preset system with 77 factory presets cataloging Lair's vast library of spaces


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