Songwish reMIDI 3

Songwish reMIDI 3

Introducing reMIDI 3: Your Ultimate MIDI Composition Assistant
Like reMIDI 2, reMIDI 3 is a MIDI sampler. You can quickly browse and preview MIDI files to instantly try sequences without cluttering up your DAW with extra MIDI tracks. Enjoy the ability to perform tempo-synced MIDI sequences to arrange or perform songs on the fly. With a connected controller, or your DAWs piano roll, reMIDI 3 acts as a middleman between your DAW and its routed VST instruments.

Now let's take a look at what's new in reMIDI 3!

What's New in reMIDI 3

1. Enhanced User Interface:

Step into a creative haven with our Enhanced User Interface. Crisp, clean, and designed for optimal workflow, it ensures that every feature, every tool, is right at your fingertips, ready to assist in bringing your musical ideas to life.

2. 2D Browsing Experience:

Discover the ease of navigating through MIDI clips with our revolutionary 2D Browsing Experience. It's designed to let you search up and down through files and left and right through slices. It's all about finding that perfect part, faster and more intuitively than ever before.

3. Previewer:

Meet the Previewer: your new best friend for auditioning and selecting MIDI sequences. It's a visual and interactive space where you can play, fine-tune, and directly drag-and-drop your chosen MIDI sequences into a pad. It's about making sure what you select is the perfect fit for your musical canvas.

4. Polyphonic Pad Grid:

Turn your MIDI controller into a symphony with the Polyphonic Pad Grid. Play music with music, using polyphonic MIDI input to control up to 16 voices at once. It's about adding layers and dimensions to your sound, on-the-fly and with unparalleled ease.

5. Piano Roll Editor:

Take command of your MIDI sequences with the Piano Roll Editor. It's all about making precise adjustments to notes and expressions, ensuring that every detail of your composition is tuned to perfection.

6. Utility Tool:

Streamline your workflow and perfect your sound with the Utility Tool. From shifting channels to adjusting pitch, from tweaking velocities to stretching time, it's about getting every note, every beat, just right.

7. Harmony Tool (Chord Completion):

Expand your musical vocabulary with the Chord Completion feature, powered by our Harmony Tool. It's like having a musical mentor, offering suggestions and insights to add depth and complexity to your compositions. Harmony Sets shipped with reMIDI 3 include: SongWish's Bach Chorale Harmony Set, SongWish's Open Hymnal Harmony Set, and the superb Musician Paradise's Neo-Soul Harmony Set.

8. Strum Tool:

Add a touch of realism to your sequences with the Strum Tool, designed to emulate the natural strumming motion of a guitar. It's about bringing your MIDI sequences to life, making them breathe and flow just like real instruments.

9. Melody Tool:

Unleash melodic creativity with the Melody Tool. Craft captivating melodies and hooks by transforming simple chord progressions into intricate melodic lines, perfect for adding unique flair to your compositions.

10. Humanize Tool:

Infuse natural variation with the Humanize Tool. This tool adds subtle timing and velocity differences to your notes, mimicking the imperfections of a live performance and adding authenticity to your MIDI sequences.

11. Quantize Tool:

Tighten your rhythms with the Quantize Tool. Align notes precisely with your desired timing grid, perfect for creating crisp, on-the-beat sequences or for correcting timing inconsistencies in recorded performances.

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