Sergio Frias UBERVERB

Sergio Frias UBERVERB

UBERVERB is a x64 VST3 reproduction of the original 1986 algorithmic reverb, all the original algos were recreated using the exact same topology from the original, including some others not present in the original (like the classic BLOOM) You have access to a vast variety of room sizes, from small, medium, large, extra-large and even bloom for ambient atmospheres. Also included is the reproduction of the frequency response of the original unit, and also the noise. The original unit was well known for its classic sound heard on thousands of records, like 90's warp.
You can disable/enable (harmonic distortion/frequency response/noise) with "HD", "ADC" "NOISE" buttons.

note: windows only
( mac version is not possible at the moment since flowstone only exports to windows.)
tested in fl studio
win 10

the programs:

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