Kazrog Airline V15

Windows / Mac
Kazrog Airline V15

A studio secret weapon for the ages.
Famously used as a studio secret weapon of Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page*, Airline V15 is a precise emulation of the Airline Bass-Guitar Amplifier Model 62 9020A - a 15" tube combo amp known for its strong mid presence, growl + note bloom.

Unlock your next classic riff with the legendary "Bender" pedal and 80+ custom IRs.
Get the secret weapon behind countless classic riffs.

Airline V15 gives you:
Highly-accurate, true-feel emulation of the renowned Airline Bass-Guitar Amplifier Model 62 9020A, hand-built at the Chicago Valco factory in the late 1950s
Rich 15” vintage Jensen* speaker, sought-after for its deep note bloom and extreme touch sensitivity
Over 80 impulse responses of the amp's 15" speaker, which follow the same file naming conventions as our Recabinet - Remastered library
Standalone version - use the Airline V15 app on Mac or Windows to jam without a DAW

Get the classic "Bender" pedal and more.
Based on the classic Tone Bender pedal circuit, heard far and wide on numerous iconic riffs from Jimmy Page + others
Authentic Spring Reverb, built in as a quick control on the front panel
Highly-accurate, no-fuss noise gate for optimal tonal control
Oversampling up to 32x with separate settings for real-time and offline processing (adjustable on the fly)
Developed in direct collaboration with Eastwood Guitars/Airline

2-channel cabinet IR loader with Speaker Dynamics + more:
Loaded with 80+ vintage 15" impulse responses and multiple mics/blends
4 band EQ, speaker dynamics control, stereo panning (when used in a stereo instance), and adjustable short delay (useful when mixing 3rd-party IRs to account for phase discrepancies)
Load your own IRs with ease
Variable blending - psychoacoustically level matched in the center position
Resizable GUI - expand to fit your desired window size
100% perpetual license for multiple devices, no iLok authorization required, no dinosaur dongle insanity required, and ZERO subscription fees EVER

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