Glitchmachines Palindrome 2

Windows / Mac
Glitchmachines Palindrome 2

Palindrome is a granular sampler geared toward experimental sound design.

The basic concept behind Palindrome is to fuse four granular samplers with a coordinate plotting grid and complex modulation sources in order to facilitate the creation of morphing sound effects and unusual instrument patches.

The plugin's main grid section facilitates the creation of custom paths that determine the trajectory of a playhead over time. This playhead travels across a user-definable path that corresponds with the outputs of the samplers which are smoothly morphed using a bilinear interpolation algorithm. Palindrome also features 8 user-definable multi-breakpoint modulation envelopes to facilitate the creation of intricate modulation shapes.

With its 4 granular samplers, morph-plotting system, 8 multi-breakpoint modulation envelopes, dual effects processors per sampler, shape presets, 4-note polyphony, deep randomization system, global reverb, 1.5GB sample library and numerous factory presets, Palindrome brings sound designers a powerful new sound sculpting tool.

4 Granular Sampler Modules
Morph Plotting System
8 Multi-Breakpoint Envelopes
2 Insert FX Per Sampler
Comprehensive Randomizer
Envelope & Path Shape Presets
80+ Presets & 1.5 GB of Samples
Win/Mac VST3/AU 64bit

At the heart of Palindrome are 4 granular samplers which have been expanded with various new features for version 2.0. Each sampler includes a variety of sculpting options, most of which are viable modulation targets. In addition to this, each sampler features the ability to integrate up to two insert effects, which are also assignable as modulation targets. The insert effects include four filter types, three distortion types, ring modulation and delay.

In the center of Palindrome's UI lies the plotting grid. The grid is a charting framework where you plot up to 16 points that determine the trajectory of a playhead. The grid coordinates of the playhead will determine which sampler outputs are currently audible. As the playhead travels along the path and over the grid zones, Palindrome will smoothly morph between the corresponding sampler outputs using a bilinear interpolation algorithm.



.Install Palindrome 2

.Place the PALINDROME2_SAMPLES folder where ever you like.

.Load Palindrome 2, and on the GUI click SELECT FOLDER,
then point to where you have placed the PALINDROME2_SAMPLES folder.


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