Dawsome Myth

Dawsome Myth

MYTH is the new flagship synthesizer by Dawesome. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned sound designer - with MYTH you can turn your wildest sound fantasies into reality, regardless of your musical style.

Non-Linear Synthesis

Virtual Analog Modeling has become the industry standard - for example VA filters and OSCs just sound more interesting than their plain digital counterparts. The reason is that digital filters are linear, while analog filters are non-linear . And our ears are just so sensitive to this difference!

But what would happen if you create an entire sound engine with non-linear processing? What if you could cover the sonic breadth of FM, physical modelling, wavetables, analog … with a single approach and just by tweaking a few knobs?

Exploit natural variances of Samples

In classical synthesis, oscillator waves are mostly static and you add filters and modulators to “program” all the variations to make the sound organic and interesting.

MYTH offers a paradigm shift: drag and drop audio and it will be re-synthesised as an IRIS. The inherent variations and richness of the sample can now be exploited with the TRANSFORMER dials.

MYTH emulates the joy of using hardware

Playing with hardware can be so much fun! Why is this? Because we tweak a knob and instantly we hear the change. The sound is rich and organic, and the entire system acts like one organism.

MYTH was built to create this same experience - it emulates the joy of playing with hardware. Instead of “programming” sounds you create sounds by exploration and tweaking knobs.

Of course - you can also add classical LFOs, envelopes or filters as much as you want. Just ... you will rarely feel the need!

From nfo:

(64-bit: VST3)


1). Install .exe and replace with patched

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