Denise Audio Motion Filter

Denise Audio Motion Filter

Motion Filter is for making music move. A reimagination of our cult plugin The Sweeper, this is a gorgeous, state-of-the-art filter that can modulate in multiple dimensions to animate stagnant sounds. You'll never reach for your static filter plugins again.

Sweep static mixes to the side
Filter sweeps are a staple of modern music and entire genres have been defined by the technique.

Motion Filter lets you take your sweeps to the next level – and in any direction, shape or form you desire. It offers a state-of-the-art digital filter with two configurable motion modes. Use it to create movement that responds to your track's dynamics, or build sweeping tonal shifts that unfold over time.

At subtle settings, Motion Filter can behave like a traditional filter with a touch of organic movement. At extreme settings, it can transform any sonic material into an ear-catching mix element. You can even use it as a more surgical alternative to your regular sidechain tools.

Motion Filter gives flat samples, repeating loops and other rigid sounds a new lease on life.

For the filter fanatics

Ultra-clean filter
Sweep your sound with a pristine and surgical resonant filter that shines on any source. Motion Filter's advanced DSP offers a smooth and even response across the entire frequency range thanks to its Nyquist-corrected architecture.

Dynamic or periodic motion
Choose from the classic Sweeper mode from the original Denise The Sweeper plugin for envelope-controlled sweeps, or the brand-new LFO mode for waveform-based motion. Detailed motion parameters let you dial in custom movement for any situation.

Clean, functional and straightforward
Visualize the filter action and change its behavior with a simple and user friendly interface.

Master the art of motion
Start and end points
Set the minimum and maximum frequencies of the sweep to make sure you're always in the sweet spot.

Dynamic resonance
Sweep the filter's resonance with the cutoff frequency for another dimension of timbral change.

Engage the plugin's sidechain mode to use the dynamics of one source in your mix to affect the filter characteristics of another.

Filter flip
Reverse the direction of the filter motion back and forth with the Flip control.

Flexible filter characteristics
Multi-mode filter
Choose from low-pass, high-pass, band-pass and notch filter modes for any flavor of frequency subtraction.

Slopes up to 96 db/octave
Go gently or get surgical with selectable filter slopes ranging from 12 to 96 dB/octave. Even at the extremes, Motion Filter stays clean without introducing nasty artifacts.

Two motion modes: LFO and Envelope
Sweeper - Move with the dynamics of your track
Sweeper mode gives you the original Sweeper plugin's envelope-controlled filter to use your track's dynamics as a modulation source. Active sounds like loops and percussion instantly get into motion as their peaks and valleys vary the action of the filter.

LFO - Cinematic sweeps on repeat
The new LFO mode lets you craft patterns of recurring sweeps based on wave shapes. Dial in smooth undulating sine sweeps that unfold over multiple bars or create jerky fits and starts with sharp square or saw waves.

Tempo sync and waveform shaping
Get your music pumping by syncing the LFO rate to the host in LFO mode or syncing the release control in Sweeper mode to filter in time with your track's tempo. Adjust the waveform with Phase, Skew and Smooth controls.

It's your new favorite filter
Do you like moving and tweaking the cutoff control on your synths? Motion Filter lets you apply the same lively effect anywhere in your mix without ever entering the automation lanes.

Filters have been a basic tool of sound design since the early days of audio. The reason is simple - a great filter with compelling motion options can cover a huge range of sonic territory. Whether you're looking to subtly enhance static samples, add timbral interest to vocals, or emphasize the punch of dynamic sources like drums, creative producers have long turned to techniques from subtractive synthesis for inspiration.

With Motion Filter, we zoomed in on this approach to deliver a filter plugin that does everything you need and nothing you don't. The plugin is CPU light, sounds surgically clean and comes with a slick and friendly interface. The result is a highly usable tool you can reach for in any situation that calls for filter or motion effects.

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