Fuse Audio Labs VQP-Bundle

Fuse Audio Labs VQP-Bundle

The VQP-258A and VQP-259A are two entirely passive EQs which were introduced in the 1950s. Unlike its competitors from that era, the 258A offers two wide ranging and intuitive controls capable of independently cutting or boosting the low and high frequency spectrum, while the 259A filter cascade excels in its wide range of low and high cut settings.

These filters sound pleasantly clean and musical, adding a touch of magic to everything you throw at them. The inductor-based circuits produce beautiful low end mojo and polish the high band with a very realistic, simply gorgeous tone. The slight interaction of the bands produces unique filter curves with great creative potentials and true vintage sound characteristics.

The VQP-258A is a high/low shelf EQ with selectable frequencies and combined cut/boost controls. It applies gentle and musical equalization to virtually any source and adds pleasant coloration to your mixes. As a perfect match, the VQP-259A high/low cut filter offers a wide range of frequencies for removing low end rumble or taming harsh high frequency contents.

The original hardware units were used at Motown, Muscle Shoals, Chess, Sun, and dozens of other studios producing classic hits, and that is exactly the kind of vibe you can expect from the VQP-Bundle: A golden sound combined with maximum ease of use. Two knobs, set the tone, find the sweet spot, done. Simplicity at its best!

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