Techivation AI-Loudener

Techivation AI-Loudener

AI-Loudener harnesses the power of machine learning to make your tracks louder without raising the peak levels. This AI-powered plug-in analyses the audio to set the optimal processing parameters, so all you need to do is choose how loud you want your mix to be.

Machine Learning for Unlocking Unique Possibilities
When developing the DSP algorithms for our plugins, we often come across features or parameters that work really well in some situations, but not in others. Usually features like that don't make it into the final plug-in, as it needs to work equally well on any material.

Upgrade Your Workflow with Superfast AI Processing
The precise AI machine learning technology implemented in AI-Loudener analyses your audio quickly and accurately, enabling you to achieve a faster workflow than ever before.

Key Features
Learn Processor
Output Control
Input-output level meters
Internal On/Off Switch
Scalable user interface
Undo/redo options

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