SoundGhost Drift

Windows / Mac
SoundGhost Drift

lo-fi tape machine

drift your sound

introducing drift, a tape degradation plugin that brings the warm, nostalgic sound of vintage tape machines into the digital realm, offering music producers and audio enthusiasts an authentic and versatile tape experience. easily add the unpredictability and nostalgia of tape into your tracks with all the crinkles, wobbles and crunch that we've all come to know and love.

recapture the authentic sound of tape with customizable tape controls, enabling you to dial in the perfect amount of vintage charm. gently add pitch drifting and tape failures for a lo-fi texture, or turn everything up to emulate a tired and worn tape machine. play with tape start/stop functionality, resulting in classic tape pitch drops and rises. choose from 8 eq profiles modelled from multiple tape formats and machines including cassette and vhs. all wrapped in our our easy-to-use interface, drift provides seamless user experience for both beginners and seasoned professionals. drag, drop and drift.

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