SoundGhost Tundra

Windows / Mac
SoundGhost Tundra

a barren landscape stands before you. the biting cold winds sweep around you as you take in the serenity and purity of the scenery. icy peaks stretch towards the clouds on the horizon. you're alone in this bitter wilderness, but you feel a sense of both peace and wonder. welcome to tundra.

unique sound sources
tundra includes 2 layers, each containing 100 layers crafted from acoustic and modular synthesis sources, then frozen in time with a series of reverb and granular effects. these samples are pure and smooth, designed to work like unique synth oscillators. each source has been frozen in time to craft an eerie and distant soundscape, which when mixed, can create entirely new pads and keys.

instantly randomise
click the randomise button to create entirely new sounds at the click of a button. each time the button is clicked, the 2 layers are randomised, as well as the handpicked effect sends and amp envelope. this results in an infinite array of different soundscapes at your disposal.

craft your sound
tundra includes easy to use tools and effects to help design your sound quickly. add bit crushing effects and saturation to dirty up the sound, send it through a huge reverb, then fine-tune the frequency content with the included hi-pass and low-pass filters.

built in preset-browser
if the randomise feature wasn't enough, tundra also comes with 50 presets out of the box, plus you can save, recall and share your own presets with the included preset-browser. create your own preset categories and banks to further diversify your own library.

100 samples included
tundra is a perfect solution for sound designers looking for a collection of sampler-ready sounds. the 100 originally crafted samples are provided in their own folder inside the download, ready to drop into your preferred sampler or daw. each file is tuned to c and contain embedded loop start-end metadata for easy and seamless looping (if your sampler supports it).

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