Sonible pureunmask

Sonible pureunmask

pure:unmask effortlessly tidies up your mix and prevents, thanks to spectral unmasking, any audio interference in the frequency spectrum between two tracks.


Creating space within one track for another
Intelligent sidechain profiles for well-defined sounds
Achieve pro-grade results without any fuss
pure:unmask makes short work of one of mixing's most vital components – finding space within one track for another – with minimal setup. All you have to do is load pure:unmask on the channel that needs to make space, route a sidechain input from the prioritized channel and then select a profile that fits the sidechain signal.

Spectral unmasking for incredible audio clarity
Clear as a bell, quick as a flash
AI-powered processing and spectral unmasking are the driving forces behind pure:unmask. Together, these technologies are able to perfectly combine two competing elements of a mix without any pumping artifacts.

Highly effective and simple controls
Respecting your sonic vision
The processing can be refined via four controls. Unmasking is the large central knob that lets you increase or decrease the overall effect. Resolution allows you to define the width of the spectral processing bands at work. The Speed parameter lets you either shorten or lengthen attack and release times; effectively tailoring the unmasking effect to slower, harmonic contexts (piano vs guitar) or to faster, rhythmic contexts (kick vs bass). You can even restrict the unmasking process to within a given low-frequency and high-frequency range using the Range control.

Create space where it's needed and establish audio clarity between two tracks in a flash.

x64: VST3, VST2, AAX | x86: JBridge Files

Necessary prerequisite packages installed:

Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2022 Redistributable
x64 v14.36.32532.0 or greater.
Just install...

P.S. If you can't see it well, edit this file for no
OpenGL here:


Under the line with "UseOpenGL" there is a "true" - set
it to "false" (without quotes) and save.

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