Audio Damage AD057 Axon 3

Windows / Mac
Audio Damage AD057 Axon 3

A drum sequencer that thinks outside the box, where each beat is a live wire, sparking and connecting to create a rhythm that's alive. That's Axon 3 for you - not just an update but a complete overhaul of our legendary Axon series. This isn't your ordinary drum machine; it's a sonic adventure, blending the familiar with the futuristic.

At the heart of Axon 3 lies a sequencer inspired by the complex workings of artificial neural networks. Picture neurons, buzzing with energy, passing triggers in a dance of precision and chaos. When a neuron hits its trigger threshold, it doesn't just respond; it sings, through its internal synth voice, sends a pulse out into the MIDI universe, or both. The connections between these neurons aren't random; they're the building blocks of a rhythm sequencer unlike any. And with a dash of probability magic, we've introduced a drum programming style that's utterly unique.

But that's not all. Each neuron in Axon 3 comes equipped with a powerhouse of a synth voice, drawing on the best of both subtractive and FM synthesis, supercharged with a model inspired by our Boomtschack analog hardware drum module.

Axon 3 wraps all this rhythmic innovation in a sleek interface complete with a full mixer, crystalline delay, punchy compressor, and multiple outputs. Whether you're crafting yout next IDM masterpiece, scoring a film, or just exploring new sonic territories, Axon 3 is your co-pilot in this thrilling journey into sound.

So, are you ready to break the rhythm barrier? Welcome to Axon 3.

Greatly expanded synthesizer voice, with a full model of our Boomtschack analog drum synthesizer hardware (RIP).
Pitch and scale quantizing of the internal synthesizer voices, for easier melodic programming.
Extensive randomizer for changing some or all parameters.
Cymbal oscillator from Tattoo added to noise section.
Rough Rider compressor added to master output.
Likelihood of trigger event and ratcheting added to sequencer, to greatly expand the rhythmic potential.


Artificial Neural Network sequencer features seven neurons, and is easily programmed to create strange new repeating rhythms.
Seven FM/VA percussion voices that also buss together to create a single monolithic complex percussion synthesizer, via AM and FM busses.
Full mixer with pan, level, mute, and solo on each voice.
Built-in stereo delay, for live playability.
Built-in Rough Rider compressor on the main outputs.
MIDI in and out, for driving Axon's voices from DAW and hardware sequencers, or driving other software and hardware from Axon.
Internal transport for non-synchronized playback.
Resizable vector-based user interface.
XML-based cross-platform, human-readable preset system, with copy/paste, for easy transferring of your own presets and third-party offerings.

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