Kuassa Efektor Moon Muffin Fuzz

Kuassa Efektor Moon Muffin Fuzz

Big Sustainer Fuzz
Ten models of the big sustainer sound packaged in a single screen and easy to use interface.

An All-Encompassing Collection of 10 Iterations and Mods of the Big Sustainer Fuzz

Dive into a universe of iconic fuzz tones with Kuassa Efektor Moon Muffin. Featuring ten meticulously crafted models of the legendary big sustainer pedals, Efektor Moon Muffin offers a spectrum of distortion flavors that range from velvety warmth to blistering saturation. Each model authentically captures the essence of its real-world counterpart, delivering the signature fatness, sustain, and harmonic richness that have made this particular pedal a staple in the world of guitar effects. Efektor Moon Muffin puts the power of legendary fuzz right on your screen.

Key Features:

10 Types of Authentic Big Sustainer Variants: Explore a diverse range of fuzz tones meticulously modeled after the iconic pedals, including the exotic mods:
V1 TRI REF: Triangle pi reference board
V1 TRI STD: Triangle pi standard
V2 RAM 47: Ram's face 47nf version
V2 RAM WHT: Ram's face “white can”
V2 RAM 75: Ram's face 1975
V7 RUS BLK: Russian black version
V9 TRI NYC: Classic pi NYC reissue
ACTON FUZZ: Fuzzmaster without boost section
EL SUSTAIN: Japanese super sustainer
J CREATOR: Rocking pedal volume/sustainer

Up to 8x Oversampling: Experience pristine audio quality and ultra-smooth operation with up to 8 times oversampling, ensuring every detail of your tone is faithfully reproduced.
Dry/Wet Control: Fine-tune the balance between your original signal and the affected sound to achieve the perfect blend for your mix.
Resizable Window: Customize the plugin interface to suit your workflow and screen real estate preferences with our resizable window feature.
User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy a straightforward single-screen GUI that makes dialing in your ideal fuzz tone intuitive and effortless.
Available as an Amplifikation 360 Module*: Seamlessly integrate Efektor Moon Muffin into your Amplifikation 360 setup for a comprehensive guitar processing solution.

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