Sounds In Sync EdiMarker

Sounds In Sync EdiMarker

EdiMarker is an application that allows sound editors, sound supervisors and music producers to load markers into Pro Tools. EdiMarker does this by loading the data from a Text file (including a Premiere Pro, Nuendo, Reaper or iZotope RX marker file) a Microsoft Excel file, a XML file, or a Ableton Live project file. It then exports this data as either a Pro Tools session file or a MIDI file which Pro Tools can import.

EdiMarker can convert one file at a time, or when several files need to be converted with the same file type and settings, the 'Multiple Files' tab can be used to batch convert a set of files.

NOTE: To export marker information from Pro Tools, select the Pro Tools File > Export > Session Info As Text menu and check the 'Include Markers' option to create a text file containing the markers with their location, name and comments. EdiMarker cannot import a Pro Tools 'Session Info As Text' file directly. If you need to transfer markers from one session into another use the Pro Tools menu File > Import > Session Data and check 'Markers / Memory Locations'.

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