Cradle State Machine Slow Drift

Cradle State Machine Slow Drift

Add movement to your music
Slow Drift offers an extensive collection of vintage, esoteric, and modern synths, enabling you to infuse your music with subtle motion, bold statements, and vibrant color.

With these exceptional sounds, you can effortlessly transform chord progressions into massive soundscapes and turn simple melodies into captivating earworms.

Allow your ideas to flow
Blend between source sounds and create infinite possibilities with individual controls for each layer.

Take it a step further with a vast range of complementary studio-quality effects including four reverb styles, and a gritty lo-fi BBD delay.

Slow Drift offers a huge selection of source sounds, including lo-fi digital oscillators, semi-modular analog synths, and complex VCO euro racks.

These diverse sounds come together in over 190 expertly crafted presets, which seamlessly morph, combine, and contort the source sounds. Each preset is designed to spark your creativity, ensuring that you'll always be inspired.

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