Cradle State Machine Faded Keys

Cradle State Machine Faded Keys

Give your favorite sounds a new edge
Faded Keys is the ultimate collection of quintessential keys, encompassing four decades of nostalgic and vintage sounds.

While the essence of these nostalgic sounds is preserved, you can seamlessly integrate layers from different eras to create something truly distinct.

Modern tools to refine & redesign

Faded Keys has a slew of MIDI effects including an arpeggiator, chord generator and scale lock feature.

With these powerful tools you can elevate basic concepts into complex hooks, adding depth and intrigue to your compositions.

The full spectrum
Faded Keys' wide tonal palette covers a broad range including expertly captured acoustic instruments, reimagined mellotrons and lo-fi synths.

With 190 presets that mix and meld 100+ source sounds together you can find the ideal sound to shape your next production.

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