Wavemind Amp Suite Rev F

Wavemind Amp Suite Rev F

Powered by our new modelling engine, this amp sim closely recreates this 90's classic amplifier.

Every mode available:
Channel Select: Green, Orange and Red channels available; from clean to high gain modern tones.
Channel Cloning: Make either channel have a modern or vintage sound.
Tube Select: Choose between 6L6 and EL34 output tubes.
Power Select: Choose wether or not to run in low power mode, to emulate the use of a variac.
Rectifier Select: Choose between old school saggy tube rectifiers, or diode rectifiers for a tight and modern sound.

Curiuous what it sounds like?
Full Mix

X-Drive: A classic drive with a bit more bite than you're used to. The sharper midrange makes it a perfect match for the Rev F!
Forte Boost: 22 dB of pure boost. Perfect for when you need to tune just that little bit lower.
Cabinet Simulation
An amp is nothing without a good cabinet, that's why we included a fully modelled cab section based on an oversized 4x12.
Our speaker simulator allows you to precisely position your virtual microphone, even after you're done recording. You can even mix this together with your own custom impulses.
7-band EQ
With the 7-band equalizer you can shape your tone exactly as you see fit.
Delay and Chorus
A dedicated time based fx unit is included to create inspiring lead tones.
No Dependencies

Don't have access to either a VST3, AAX or AU host? No worries, you can still run the amplifier all on its own!
A fully standalone version is included with your download.

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