BDSP Cross Pollinator

Windows / Mac
BDSP Cross Pollinator

A New Breed Of Delay
Create more interesting, complex, dynamic, and lively delays with Cross Pollinator’s unique ability to route multiple delay lines into one another.

Ultimate Creative Control
Dial in delay times with 32nd note precision across multiple tempo divisions and completely control the signal flow between delay units to make more rhythmically interesting and dynamic delays.

Versatile Tone Shaping
Give each delay unit a different character, with separate output effects for each unit.
Apply drive to add anything from subtle warmth to harsh bite.
Use the filter to subtly shape a delay unit’s sound, or completely alter its tone.

More Than Just a Delay
Cross Pollinator can create much more than just delays. Make stereo-wideners, subtle pseudo-reverbs, metallic sound-warpers, and much more.

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