Yum Audio LoFi Drifter

Yum Audio LoFi Drifter

Revive Your Sound with Timeless Motion

Infuse Your Tracks with
Dynamic Motion that Captivates
Bring Depth, Character, and Interest to Your Sound

Key Features

Authentic Lo-Fi Feel with Analog-Modeled Volume Modulations.

Three Distinct Movement Generators: Ripple, Drift, Dropout
Ripple Creates Rapid, Rhythmic Movements, Emulating Cassette and Vinyl.
Drift Delivers Fluid, Dreamy Volume Oscillations Over Time.
Dropout Introduces Random, Vintage Tape Volume Reductions.

Four Unique Modes Tailored for Each Movement Generator.

Advanced Stereo Algorithm: Expansive Movement in Drift and Ripple.

Analog-Modeled Noise, Adding Depth and Adapting to the Sound Real-Time.

Oscilloscope Gives Visual Insight into Tape Movement.


Comes with 73 Presets by the amazing artists such as Jacknife Lee, M-Phazes, Konrad OldMoney, Reuven Amiel, Christal Jerez and more.

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