Retro Tools DSP Blues Tech

Retro Tools DSP Blues Tech

This plugin is based on a handmade DIY version of one of the best and most musical program passive EQs ever made. It is extremely accurate, offering a sonic performance that is indistinguishable from the originals, thanks to the cutting-edge Impulse Response based modeling technology.

Introducing the "Blues Tech": an exceptional digital replica of a handmade passive Equalizer, meticulously crafted to deliver unprecedented accuracy. Through the employment of FFT convolution-based emulation, we have achieved an exact digital "fingerprint" which perfectly captures the distinct curves of the original models.

Mastering Ready Audiophile Quality. Blues Tech has THAT 3D feel. Put it on your masterbus and get analog depth on your mix!

Control the amount of "Mojo" with the input gain. The more you drive it, the more non-linear harmonic distortions you get. Great for breathing more live into your tracks

The intricate interplay between filters, renowned for their smooth and musical curves, has been faithfully recreated, ensuring an authentic replication of the legendary interaction. To enhance user experience, we have developed a new layout that is intelligible even to those unfamiliar with the intricacies of the Pultec. Each band now features a corresponding gain knob positioned conveniently below, eliminating the unintuitive arrangement found in the original hardware.

By introducing controlled amounts of harmonic saturation to the audio signal (THD), our emulation technique adds richness, depth, and character to digital recordings, mimicking the unique nonlinearities of analog device.

In conjunction with finely calibrated frequency centers, boost/cut ranges, this plugin is ideal for executing classic EQing techniques, including the esteemed "Pultec EQ Trick".

We have expanded the low-frequency band by dividing it into two sections, empowering you to cut and boost at two distinct frequencies. This creative freedom, previously unattainable with the original hardware, allows for unparalleled audio manipulation, such as cutting at 30 Hz while simultaneously boosting at 100 Hz.

Imbue your vocals, drums, guitars, synths, or even the entire mix with the velvety analog warmth of this legendary tool. Going beyond the capabilities of other Pultec-style EQ plugins, the "Blues Tech" seamlessly merges the timeless sonic character of vintage hardware with the cutting-edge advancements in analog modeling that we have today.

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