FMJ-Software Chromatia Tuner

FMJ-Software Chromatia Tuner

Chromatia tuner turns your computer into an advanced reference quality instrument tuner.


Works with almost any instrument.
Standalone and VST plug-in versions.
Range of 9+ octaves (C0..C9 for sine waves - may be smaller for complex sounds).
Accuracy of better than 0.1 Hz up to ~C8.
Supports lots of different temperaments and scales.
Add your own custom scales and temperaments.
Low-latency audio support (WASAPI and ASIO).
"Auto" and "Manual" note selection modes.
"Tone" option for reference signal.
Real-time spectrum analyzer graph.
Full screen mode.
Automatic input gain control.
"Report" dialog for creating a table of measurements (useful for instrument makers).
Optional calibration of ambient noise level, microphone type and line-noise filtering.
Optional MIDI I/O: Select note using a MIDI keyboard or transmit detected notes.
Optional MIDI I/O: Send/receive MIDI Tuning Standard messages.

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