Inear Display Interstice

Windows / Mac
Inear Display Interstice

Interstice is a dual band delay plugin that aims to facilitate the creation of otherworldly echoes and resonances. It splits the input signal into low and high frequencies using a resonant filter to add extra harmonics to the sound. Each band then goes through a delay with a complex feedback path consisting of a diffusion network and a damping filter. A pitch-shifter can optionally process the signal pre or post delay to create complex overtones. A drift modulator can also impact key parameters of the circuit.

Interstice was designed with dense and psychedelic ambient sounds in mind, to turn a simple synthesizer note or a short sample into a cascade of esoteric tones, but it also shines as a resonator on top of more rhythmically complex signals. Its apparent simplicity and straightforward workflow hides an extensive palette of creative possibilities, as demonstrated by the factory presets that include a bank specially crafted by acclaimed sound designer Ivo Ivanov. Last but not least, more surprising results are just a click away with the built-in parameter randomizer.

### Features

- Band split via a resonant filter
- Low and High bands
- Delay per band with optional host tempo synchronization
- 2 delay algorithms : repitch and xfade
- Complex feedback loop with diffusion network and damping filter
- Pitch-shifter per band which can be pre or post delay
- Pitch-shifter window size control
- Separate amplitude and panoramic controls for each band
- Mute individual bands
- Drift modulator with depth and rate controls
- Parameters randomizer
- Lock Dry/Wet, Cutoff and Resonance parameters when changing presets
- 7 color schemes
- Resizable user interface
- Cross-Platform Presets
- 36 Factory Presets

### Requirements

Available as VST3 and Audio Unit for macOS (Intel or ARM) and Windows (64 bit only).

- macOS 10.12 or higher
- Windows 10 or higher

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