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Inear Display Ephemere

Ephemere is a percussion synthesizer that includes twelve sound generation engines assigned to each note of an octave. The sounds are generated using FM synthesis and can be further sculpted using a multi mode filter and two simple yet flexible envelope generators.

Ephemere makes it easy to add variety to your rhythmic patterns by attaching a randomization setting to most of the synthesis parameters as well as a trigger probability per sound. By keeping the synthesis engine simple yet powerful and providing extensive randomization options, Ephemere is an invaluable tool to very quickly design custom synthetic percussion sounds.

### Features

- FM oscillator with feedback
- Multi-Mode Filter : Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass, Notch
- AR Amplitude Envelope with adjustable Attack and Release curves
- Looping Release Pitch Envelope with adjustable Release curve
- Ability to modulate the Filter Cutoff using either the Amplitude or the Pitch Envelope
- Built-In Distortion for each Sound
- Optional MIDI Velocity Tracking
- Optional Random Velocity Amount
- Trigger Probability Control for each Sound
- Optional Randomization Ranges for most of the Synthesis Parameters (generates a random value on each trigger)
- Mixer View with Amplitude, Pan, Mute and Solo controls for each Channel
- Save and Load Individual Sound Presets
- Over 180 Factory Sounds
- Randomize each Sound Individually with Random Amount Control
- Pick Random Sound Presets
- Global Randomizers : Triggers, Controls, Presets
- Copy/Paste Sounds
- Clone a Sound to All Parts
- Reset Randomization Ranges of one/all Sounds
- Reset all Trigger Probabilities
- Global Mute and Solo Reset Controls
- Multi-Out Capable : Assign Separate Audio Tracks to each Sound in your DAW
- 12 Factory Kits
- Signal Amplitude Visualization on each Mixer Channel
- Clean Color Coded Interface
- Resizable User Interface
- Undo and Redo (experimental)
- Define a custom startup patch
- Cross-Platform presets
- MIDI Learn

### Requirements

Available as VST3 and Audio Unit for macOS (Intel or ARM) and Windows (64 bit only).

- macOS 10.12 or higher
- Windows 10 or higher

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