COLOVE Products NI Massive Razor 3 Bundle

COLOVE Products NI Massive Razor 3 Bundle

Greetings! We are excited to introduce our latest modification for the Native Instruments legendary synth plugin Massive 1. Our team has given the original GUI a complete makeover and added a fresh new design for four themes: NEXTGEN, STANDARD, BLUE TONE, and COMBO TONE. This update, version 2.0, features the Razor Style 3 by COLOVE Products Soft, based on the official updated plugin NI Massive v1.5.12, with bug fixes and enhancements. In this version 2.0, we have revamped the controls and redesigned them to have a more modern and cooler appearance. We have also added new buttons, fonts, and displays for spectral and preset control, among other features.

Our team at COLOVE Products Soft has done its best to rework, draw, and restyle everything we could, but there may still be some issues that cannot be fixed yet. Please refer to the “CHANGES” and “KNOWN ISSUES” list for more information.


ADDED Design Razor is updated to 3 and NI Massive v1.5.12 (based)
ADDED New knobs for all themes
ADDED HD Quality for textures of plugin
FIXED «About» menu (version is displayed correctly)
FIXED Knobs (up quality for all knobs)
FIXED display of % values on knobs has been fixed

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