Music Developments MIDI Mutator

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Music Developments MIDI Mutator

MIDI Mutator is a collection of tools to modify any aspect of a MIDI sequence: rhythm, timing, accents, chords&voicings, and shape.

Drop a MIDI pattern on MIDI Mutator to start transforming it into a new original pattern! Fully replace or slightly modify the rhythm with a single click. Experiment with other chord voicings, or replace the chords. Bass lines, chord patterns work equally well. The new MIDI sequence can be dragged directly to your DAW, or stored with a single click.


regenerate the rhythm using 6 rhythm generator algorithms from RapidComposer, plus a new one that preserves exact note and rest lengths, suitable for modern genres
use rhythm from another MIDI file
slice a pattern, then rearrange slices randomly
displace notes randomly, randomize note positions and/or lengths
extend, widen, randomize chord voicings, replace the chord progression
change the beat positions to change the feel
replace or randomize accents
increase/decrease polyphony
randomize pitches
for monophonic phrases: change the contour, add connecting notes.
simple activation. No internet connection is required for activation or operation

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