Nembrini Audio Bass Driver

Nembrini Audio Bass Driver

Nembrini Audio Bass Driver is a 3 band overdrive / amp sim based on the SansAmp Bass Driver DI*, featuring parametric crossovers to heavily sculpt your bass guitar tone and achieve a modern balance and texture.

Overdrive section modelled on SansAmp Bass Driver DI*
3 band overdrive featuring parametric crossovers
Parametric tone equalization and Presence for upper harmonic content
9 bands graphic equalizer with proportional Q

4 selected bass guitar cabinets and 4 microphone emulations, plus a parallel D.I. signal with a console-style compressor that you can blend with ambient reverb

Impulses Loader let you load up to two 3rd-parties impulse responses, blend them together and mix with D.I. pre/post

Bass Enhancer circuit inspired by Little Labs Voice Of God* to increase bass low end

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