Antares Auto-Tune SoundSoap

Antares Auto-Tune SoundSoap

The fastest and easiest way to clean your audio tracks
Repair imperfect vocals, rescue “unusable” audio, and enhance tone and timbre across any project with the touch of a button.

Introducing Auto-Tune SoundSoap
Learn what SoundSoap can do to repair and restore noisy audio tracks.
Rescue: Save Your Work
Be the hero and bring "unusable" audio back to life. Auto-Tune SoundSoap salvages even the most damaged tracks and reanimates dead recordings.

Enhance: Subtle Track-Wide Changes
Fine-tune the aural profile of any project with the press of a button. Apply SoundSoap to your entire track for end-to-end improvement.

Repair: Easily Better Than Before
SoundSoap knows exactly where your tracks need the most help. Precision fixes remove unwanted noise and leave your vocals sounding pristine.

Key Features

- One-click application
- De-ess
- De-hum
- Track-wide enhancements
- Voice and spectral de-noise
- Light and Dark Modes

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