Skylife SampleRobot Pro

Skylife SampleRobot Pro

SampleRobot Pro is the top-of-the-line product from SKYLIFE. It offers all professional autosampling features to help you creating high quality sample instruments.

SampleRobot 6 Pro contains the following products:

SampleRobot 6 Pro Installer for macOS (10.12+, also M1 compatible).
SampleRobot 6 Pro Installer for Windows 11 / 10 / 8 / 7.
WaveRobot 6 Loop and Transient Editor.
More than 1000 MB of premium samples in Soundfont 2 file format.
SampleRobot can be activated on 2 different computers (use one at a time).

Skylife SampleRobot Pro 6 Premium Content you can download HERE

Enjoy a long time never relased piece of audio software.

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