Ternar Music Technology Triplex Classic

Ternar Music Technology Triplex Classic

Classic FM sounds with a modern twist! Triplex Classic takes inspiration from famous digital synthesizers of the 80s and puts them in an easy-to-use, accessible interface. The synth engine was developed from the ground up to facilitate sounds ranging from pristine modern FM sounds to crunchy bit-crushed mayhem - with everything in between.

You now have the chance to buy the plugin for a reduced price while it is still in early access. VST3 versions for 64 bit Windows and Mac systems are readily available while we work on the AU and AAX versions. Controlling parameters via MIDI is also a feature that is still under development.


* 4 voice, 3 operator FM synth engine
* Macro controls over FM amount, harmonicity, phase and bit resolution (labeled "redux"), attack, decay/release and sustain
* Sine wave LFO with user-definable destination
* Chorus
* Drive control

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