Novation V-Station Razor

Novation V-Station Razor

COLOVE Products Soft pres. «Novation V-Station Razor v2.0 Mod» is exclusively for our customers! This is only skin’s in “Resources” for V-Station v2.6 (Windows and macOS Monterey). «CRP LA» team refreshed our first version «Novation V-Station Razor v1.0 Mod» which was released more than 5 years ago. Incl. skin’s: HQ Dark and HQ Light. Fresh, strict, sophisticated design for you from us! Friends, we have a retained ability to choose the early style of skin from v1.0. You can use both lighter style and darker.. You must have that in your studio if you are a fan of classics synthesizers in fresh design! We make your sound better with Razor Style by COLOVE Products Soft. Please, upgrading your old «V-Station» a now with «Razor» style!

What’s New in v2.0?

Added full support V-Station 2.6
Added two cool new designs «Razor» Light / Dark Themes
Fixed header buttons and replaced all knobs
Fixed Logos and pop-up blocks
Fixed minor visual issues
Improvements for Main LCD
Improvements for Activation menu with pop-up blocks

DARK LIGHT / Windows and macOS
!!! Please note: It’s not an official modification based on Windows / V-Station v2.6 and macOS / V-Station v2.6.1
Modification for users who has a licensed plugin Novation V-Station and we not sale plugin and etc, we give only bonus for buying our products

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