Reason RE Noise Engineering MIV

Reason RE Noise Engineering MIV

Manis Iteritas Vereor was inspired but our Eurorack module and earlier Rack Extension Manis Iteritas. The original is known for its untamed, aggressive edge. Manis Iteritas Vereor moves in a more controlled and tonal direction (while keeping its signature aggressive edge). Utilizing its famed six-operator saw-based additive and phase-modulation synthesis algorithms, MIV creates sounds ranging from beautiful organs, pads, and plucks to experimental and noisy sounds like you've never heard before.

- Rack Extension
- Low-pass gate/VCA
- Envelope

Product Description:
- 40+ presets
- Precise pitch adjustment parameters: octave, semitone, cent
- Skin and Metal selects additive or phase-modulation synthesis modes
- Unique Saw Mod and Profundity controls shape width and create chorusing, noisy tones
- LPF and Smash control filtering and wavefolding for a geographical convergence of two contrasting types of harmonic shaping
- Tame and shape the dynamic and harmonic structure of sounds further with the VCA/LPG and Envelope sections
- Go even deeper with back-panel patching: all front-panel controls can be controlled via CV or self patched with the built-in Envelope output

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