Reason RE Synth Seduction XImpact

Reason RE Synth Seduction XImpact

X-Impact Synthesizer - an instrument inspired by one of the most popular analog synthesizers of all times. Developed by the known trance producer Adrian Wójcik aka. A.R.D.I. from Poland. X-IMPACT is based on 3 oscillators to allow you to create interesting sounds at a global level in a fast and easy way. Available as Rack Extension format. X-Impact is a sonic playground that alludes to classic analog synthesizers - where synthesis is not only the end result, but also a journey of discovery and experimentation. X-Impact is capable of producing highly complex sounds and modulations, its design is easy enough that amateur music producers can easily discover and experience the joy and magic of X-Impact synthesis.

- Synthesizer
- Analog
- Vintage

Product Description:
- Three oscillators with 7 wavetables : (Triangle, Sharktooth, Ramp Up, Ramp Down, Square, Wide Pulse, Narrow Pulse)
- Quality Soundbank
- Analog style of Instrument
- Expanded Panels "Controls" and "LFO" for create unique sounds
- Great for create Leads & Plucks especially create for trance sounds

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