Reason RE Turn2on DyingStar Polysynth Machine

Reason RE Turn2on DyingStar Polysynth Machine

DyingStar Polysynth comes to the Reason Rack. 3 Oscillators with 120 basic wavetables (+50 Lead WT / 40 Sub WT) and a Sub-Oscillator with 40 WT. Each Osc includes a waveform range fader and waveshapers with 6 different waveforms.

DyingStar contains Amp and Filter Envelopes, Modulation Envelopes, 2 LFOs, Modulation Matrix, LP24 Pre-filters, Comb Filter with modulations, Post-Filters, Pan with settings, 10 effects, Static Pre-FX reverb, Spaces FX, End Filter.

DyingStar is a flexible and powerful device for your Reason Rack.

Now 200+ native patches, plus included 91 signature patches by HYDLIDE. Also add 2 Post-Filters (multimode).


- Spirit of BlueRack inside..
- 170/40 WT for Osc 1-3 / Sub-Osc
- WaveRanges on every Osc

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